About Me

My name is Kevin Dai and I graduated from Valencia High School in 2016. In high school, I have received 4s and 5s on my AP tests, scored a 2320 on my SAT, received National Merit Finalist status, and graduated as valedictorian. Currently, I have just completed freshman year at Harvard University, where I am continuing to swim as a varsity athlete and am working towards a degree in Computer Science.

The Goal

As a high school student, I realized that the best way to learn was to develop smart ways to study. While repetition and practice are essential parts of learning, time management, understanding concepts, and identifying struggles are equally, if not more, important. Many tutoring places will try to force results by administering multitudes of work, but I believe that a well-known proverb is a better ideal:


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


Learning is not about just completing homework or getting a good grade on a test, but it is about building up an arsenal of knowledge that can be used for a lifetime. As such, the best way to be ready for any class in any level of education is first learning to learn.

Therefore, my goal is to teach fishing: to teach the students top-level study habits in addition to deeper understandings of the concepts and questions learned in class. Whether it be preparing for the SATs, struggling on a math formula, or writing that perfect college application essay, I can help you keep your goal in sight and work towards more efficiently and intelligently than before. With many hours of experience teachings subjects ranging from math to English, study habits to swimming, I am confident that I can aid you in your journey to success. With a little help, every subject, every assignment can be an opportunity for Keen Discovery!